caroline cloak

the process of erasure...
personal spatial interactions.
architecture as willful imposition.
structures meant to be viewed only from the outside. the inside. above. below. isolating the experience of
loss of orientation.
movement of the human following a ground plan blueprint of motion.
anticipation of experience.
using the expectation associated with the impenetrable facade of a building or interior.
visually permeable barriers. claustrophobic non-space. ambiguity of depth.
inaccessible interior with view of further interior toward which the viewer is forced.
environment within environment.
layers of separation [personal, shared, psychological]
the scale of the body dictates [structure, environment, experience]
strategic routes
relation and interpenetration
displacement for another scene.
equilibrium between inner and outer reality
qualities of both container and contained
diverse asymetrical vistas
architectural site scenically assembled
architectural promenade unfolds a variety of viewpoints. the viewer is the consumer. of views.
desire for stability v. need for instability.
architecture as process. looms compact and threatening.
create a system of decision. and expedited method of execution.
development of what was found to be needed.
...can be spread over time.